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CULINARY | packaging design, branding, graphic design 
In November of 2019, coming home on a post-Thanksgiving Amtrak, I found myself eating overpriced concession candy & watching the adapted 1971 classic, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, starring Gene Wilder.
Enamored with the flowing satin of melted chocolate & stamped treats assembled in perpetual rows, I fell under the Wonka spell. A magic as real as our childhoods was wrapped in that gold foil. I knew that this was something I wanted to explore, and ultimately share with my friends.
Chocolate Bar Template-03.png
chocolate bar mold template
Chocolate Bar Template_Carved.png
carved linoleum negative mold
Mold with Negative.png
I wanted to replicate a PB&J vibe, settling on the flavors of milk chocolate with hazelnut butter swirls, and white chocolate with swirls of raspberry jam. All handmade, of course.
Once the label was templatized, each flavor would need its own unique packaging.
Chocolate Bar Label_Bleed-04.png
Chocolate Bar Label-05.png
Chocolate Bar Label-06.png
Then came the time to go into production on the bars themselves. I love to cook, so the culinary process came quite intuitively once we got the hang of tempering chocolate. Twelve batches yielding 36 bars later, we were able to package each by hand, and disperse throughout the holidays. Merry & bright, indeed.
Choco Bar_Tree.png
Hazelnut Hero.png
Mixed Berry Hero.png
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