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the brief

While many media players and libraries provide organization for ease of access, few services incorporate

features that leave the user feeling in control. The quality of the listening experience is often either buried

or controlled by the media player.

Hifi'd aims to provide an interface that allows the user to easily equalize their music, and at the same time 

educate them on how mixing works by using visual cues to guide them to an optimal listening experience.

The biggest motivation for this project came when I realized that, upon searching through my current media players, it was by no means quick or efficient to use the equalizer feature. 

comparative research

In order to access the equalizer through Spotify, the user must go through four distinct interactions that bring it to the device's equalizer:


  • Your library

  • Settings

  • Switch equalizer function on 

  • Tap preset to activate

For the needs of a hi-fidelity listening experience, Spotify has two main drawbacks; the user is unable to save channel presets, and the hidden equalizer function is only available on mobile devices.



The iTunes equalizer is slightly more streamlined in terms of finding it, and it is a built-in function of the application.

•    Window - Open equalizer

•    Switch equalizer function on 

Although iTunes allows the user to save presets, the equalizer being in a new window still makes it difficult to use both the channel sliders and the media player in tandem.


hi-fi’d is an application that addresses the user’s desire for a helpful, interactive equalizer


  • skeuomorphic interactive elements help ensure usability

  • minimalistic use of type keeps the rest of the application light

  • ability to import iTunes or Spotify libraries will not duplicate artists in device library


  • hidden drop-downs allow the user to access information only when they need it

  • avoids using music jargon to appeal to a diverse, yet intellectual audience

  • learn about sound frequency, channel interaction, and more, all through the various pieces of the interface


  • auto adjust feature is fine-tuned to the song currently playing 

  • helpful alerts appear when a fader channel is peaking

  • channel levels will not damage speakers, even if they peak

final solutions

If you're interested, you can view the full process document here!

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