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PUBLISHING | project management, graphic design 
Gloom is an anthology of poems written by acclaimed author and dear friend of mine, Peter Coll. 

The thematic through-line that ties the body of work together is echoed in the title, meant to commiserate with those dark parts in our mind that make us feel scared, lost, or alone. I was grateful to be given complete creative freedom on the concept, stylization, and execution of the cover.
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The font used for the title was hand-drawn & vectorized, based on traditional blackletter typeface rules and shapes. This technique produced a unique mark with a woodcut feel that could scale. The title also functioned as a figurehead for the interior branding of the book. 
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The scene depicts a weary ranger on the brink of exhaustion happening upon a crackling fire secluded in a forest clearing.
The composite is a combination of hand-drawn elements scanned into Photoshop and texture-brush digitally drawn elements.
The book is available in digital & physical formats via Kindle.  
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