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CULINARY | packaging design, branding, graphic design 
In the winter of 2017, I was working outside of my desired field, not making time for myself to work on creative projects I was passionate about, and generally neglecting my artistic growth.
Through my love for cooking and a need to not only express myself but share that with my loved ones, I decided to make, bottle, and distribute my own hot sauce during the holiday season of that year.
Hot Sauce Process-1.jpg
As my first foray into lacto-fermentation, I was nervous of the process as I only had the time to get it right on the first batch. I combined assorted peppers of varying heat in a meticulously measured brine along with garlic, onion, and a custom spice blend that had to be burped daily to avoid too much pressure build up. 
I decided that I wanted the bottle to appear as something like a timeless image of a classic table hot, drawing from the culture of Tex-Mex-by-way-of every American reinterpretation. I began by drawing each of the included ingredients to then incorporate into the final design.
Pepper Drawings.png
Hot Sauce Label@2x.png
After about a month of fermentation, it was time to bottle. I drained and reserved the brine, filtered out all of the auxiliary ingredients, and blended the pepper mixture to create the final product.
Hot Sauce Hero.jpg
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