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Hey Dad,


I hope today feels special. I know that instead of being overshadowed by the current state of the world, your birthday is a reason to shine out in celebration, even against the divisive nature of sad and dark powers. I hope you find some of that light today. 


Lately, being confined to home, I’ve been watching a lot of movies. I’ve been revisiting my collection of media and the movies that have sat with me the most are the ones given to me by you. Great encapsulating fantasies remind me of the nameless fears that creep up in the world, and the power of good that exists to stop them. 

The work & the plan you have for the homestead is good work. It is taking action in the face of uncertainty. I wish to be a part of that work as soon as I can. Happy birthday Dad, thank you for helping to make the time pass a little easier these days.


I love you!

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